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Double double Toil and Trouble

Well, crap happens and some grace abounds I guess.

A lot has happened! ha!

One, I’m with an amazing guy named Patrick, who has been working on our set crew this year at Drama. He and his friend Zach and then I are going to go sledding tomorrow since we got off school because of the snow [Amazing!]. He came over Friday evening and we watched Ironman, then came over today to church and we got to hang out! [Yay]

So now for the bad stuff. I had my college abstract photography assignment due tonight, and I had a great idea: I was photographing abstract shoes! I had the pictures all ready, and I loaded my memory card into my reader. I spent TWO HOURS trying to get the reader to import my pictures. Two hours later, I plug my card into my camera and get the error screen that tells me my memory card has been CORRUPTED! I lost all of the images from the shoot.

I had to message my professor and tell her that I was unable to process the images for the class. I also spent about 200$ on two new memory cards and a new reader [All name brand, so if it breaks, I have no idea what I’m going to do!].



B is for Busy Birthdays

Hi guys!

It’s been awhile since I’ve posted and that’s because of craziness. I finally had my 17th Birthday! Whoot Whoot! It feels so weird to turn seventeen….strange. Anyways, I’ve also enrolled in two college courses with the Academy of San Francisco, one in screenwriting and the other in a photography portfolio class. Hm….

I tried updating my myspace today, but I can’t, the stupid 2.0 profile thing is ridiculous. I can’t change anything from the theme I selected months ago, and trying to update it to somethng more sleek is ridiculously hard! It’s impossible!

Does anyone know any way to contact myspace and complain?

Fire and Ice

Lots of things have happened since I last posted. I’m on the eve of my first SAT test and I’m finding myself increasingly agitated and anxious. So, I’m posting now!

My high school thespian troupe has survived our adjudicated for the show, The Women of Lockerbie, which is about the bombing of Pan Am 103 over Lockerbie, Scotland. It was an amazing show to perform the first time, and it’s still amazing to me the fifth time doing it. Hopefully, we will go to Nationals with it!

Also, I’ve book three upcoming photo shoots. One, with a couture wedding designer, the other, a creative celtic inspired shoot, and the third, an upcoming fashion show nearby! Lots of excitement in the air! My birthday is coming up on February 5th, so I gave my parents the list of photography equipment I wanted-on the list a 40in reflector, a sync cable and a new flash holder for my Sb800–hehe…

Well, Moonlight is over, and I have to get up early tomorrow, so I’ll say goodnight here and leave you with two of the shots from the ice I shot on a nearby river….It was such an amazing expierence, going out there and hearing nothing…just….

ice cracks in the deep.
but everything is still.

Human Rights

Happy Thanksgiving!

I found an article in National Geographic just now that I thought was ironic. It was a copy of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights that was established sixty years ago. What I found most ironic, and sad, is that since it was proclaimed by the UN in 1948, the United States is the biggest offender of these rights.

Case in Point:

Article 5:

No one shall be subjected to torture or to cruel, inhuman, or degrading treatment or punishment.”

In 2001, the US started hording suspected terrorists into prisons, without telling them their crimes or any other pertenant information. They then proceeded to torture these terrorists by means of electrocution, water-boarding, interrogation, and various other acts.

Article 1:

All human beings are born free…”

And look what happened when we tried to argue that point with the Civil Rights movement….

Article 16:

Everyone has the right to freedom of thought, conscience, and religion…”

Yet in the US, people are sued for praying in schools, for putting up crosses on public lands, for displaying the ten commandments, for erecting mosques in neighborhoods, black people consistantly get their homes burned down, and are hunted down and persecuted. Muslim American’s are looked down upon, seen with distaste and are purposefully picked out of airport lines.

Article 26.1:

“Everyone has the right to education.”

And yet a little under half the children in the US have extremely poor quality education, a result of underfunding from the government. Bad education is worse then no education at all. In fact, a county need where I live now, Prince George’s County, recently had it’s superintendent fired and thrown in jail for six years, and, the county is rated 30th, the last place for quality schools, in the entire state.

There are so many more violations that I couldn’t even begin to pull off from this one page, so take a stand and really take a look at what a corrupt country we are living in, and how we can fix it.

Something Wicked This Way Comes….

Hey guys,

Life is frustrating…and busy. My school held our show, Sylvia [written by AR Gurney] last weekend. We got great reviews and it was definitely an amazing production. It’s ironic though, that we had the most crew people for the smallest show we’ve done yet! [We only had seven cast members, exluding me, and two of them had been double casted]
Now that Sylvia is done, I can concentrate on The Women of Lockerbie, which we’re getting adjudicated for ITS International Festival, and The Shakespeare Project, which our All-County Troupe is performing for state. Phew. And it doesn’t even calm down! XD I have Godspell in January, and one of my favourite directions, Jim Klyle is directing Sweeny Todd! [At least all of this expands my resume.]

So, back to “Life is frustrating….” , and mostly that is because I finally got around to getting Josie’s shoot into P.P. and I can’t upload them to Flickr. I don’t understand what is going on, but it keeps says “OOPs! You’re photos didn’t upload…would you like to try again?”

So….I’m going to contact them and find out what is going on, for now though, enjoy the [for now] exclusive photo’s of Josie’s Train Shoot, right here, on SPEAK, SPOKEN, HEARD?

Abandoned Hauntings and Fun

Well, I’m excited.

School let out at 12 today, which allowed me to run down and get my new glasses and then back up to speak with a admittance counselor at Hallmark Institute of Photography. Very cool stuff, but major decisions and questions still.

I also spent between three and four hours talking with a girl in my theatre class, Josie, who is a model and cover girl for several band and gothic groups around. We must have passed about a dozen messages talking about getting together for a shoot, planning and discussing various abandoned locations around where we live. We have a lot of locations in common, and I finally have someone who is willing to go to abandoned places to shoot.

Quite often, I’ll find someone to work with, but they won’t be able to get their “feet wet”, so to speak. Josie is very interested in exploring these “Urban Jungles” and doing “Urban Exploration.” We were trading websites and information, and I can say I expanded my location database. So very exciting stuff indeed!

I also joined a very cool site called Urban Exploration Resource. Once I’m able to post there, I’m probably going to figure out if what we want to do [run a fashion/editorial shoot] at an abandoned location is OK within the rules of UER. I don’t like breaking rules, but finding and apprecitating UE’s by taking photos, documenting and putting places like this in the showcase is very appealing to me. Even if it does mean sweet-talking cops and explaining that we don’t mean to harm the property.

Maybe I should take on the MAGIC philosophy:

“One bone broken for every twig snapped underfoot.”


So I’ve gotten my first warning this weekend.

See, school has begun again and I’ve been pushing hard to get all of my work done ahead of time in preparation for festival season, since that’s when I miss a lot of school.

Apparently, I pushed too far. I got sick, just a cold, thank god, and after drowning in vitamin C and D pills, I woke up this morning to find myself feeling tons better then I have since Thursday. I’m so happy, thinking I was going to miss Monday as well as last Friday, but, it doesn’t look like that right now.


After nearly six years of having absolutely no nails whatsoever, I now have nails on both hands! I’ve been keeping myself so busy this year that I didn’t have any time to bite my nails, and now, I think I’ve curbed my nail-biting addiction! Yay!

I made some pretty important decisions on college. I’ve already gone to one college fair in my city and looked around at colleges I hadn’t considered before, and found out some really funny stuff. When I got home, I discovered that the colleges I had really liked were ones I had scouted in my freshman year! HA! Guess I’d been on the right track after all….

Anyways, I’ve pretty much narrowed it down to three colleges within three major cities: Columbia College in Chicago, Pratt University in New York, and Arcadia University in Philadelphia. If I need to stay in-state, I’m looking at MICA, which is in Baltimore. I like Columbia the best so far, and I registered for a meeting with them in March. My aunt, I found out, used to be a college counselor and she’s been bugging my mum about which colleges I’m choosing, although she has yet to talk to me.


The last thing I’m trying to wrap up is my lighting and portfolio for Model Mayhem. I really want to register with the site, but I’m trying to get the best shots I can for the portfolio. And I know I can always update my portfolio on the site, but I really want to put the best up there, and I just feel like that hasn’t happened yet. It’s really frustrating and part of me feels like it’s comming from my lack of skill in post-processing. Most of my photos are very P.P and it’s just not working–but finding another way to make my photos have the semblance of professionalism is either going to cost me 150-300$ for a tutorial or to wait and see if I can magically spurt it from photoshop. ><

So this fall I’m going to book some shoots with models and friends I haven’t shot with before, and see what we can come up with. I’m got a couple people in mind, but I need to find a weekend where the weather will be good, they can come over and we can shoot. I don’t want to wait until it’s really cold. If I wait that long there is no point, especially since I know that I don’t have the capability to shoot indoors anytime soon [That is, before Christmas].

Ta-ta for now, t-t-f-n


Not a lot of time to edit these this time around. I wish I had more time, but I don’t. The courses I am taking this year seem to be harder for me, and my art classes have upped the ante; one project a week, due Fridays. For me, this is extremely hard, especially since I have the bad habit of pushing myself to my extremes, and that means that for week one, I drew the Taj Mahal in all of it’s glory.

Instead of the beach.

Anywho, enjoy the finshed project of this one!

Originally uploaded by AydensGrace

Today dawns the second-to-last day of our second week being back at school. It’s been going well, considering that we had a new guidance counsulor implanted here and she was a stick in the mud about letting me into AP Studio art, of which, I never did get into. I understand that she is new, and feels like she can’t ask the system for anything, but I had plans! Despite this minor setback, I accidentally got into Advanced Drawing and Design, I’m not going to complain simply because it was sheer luck I even got into that class.

Nope, not testing faith on that one.

Film studies is an amazing class. I’m finding a knack for camera movements and imagery in writing scripts. Maybe I’ll look into that if I ever have the time. So far, We’ve analyzed: “The Motorcycle Diaries”, “The Godfather”, and “The Birds”. We are working on horror films for the first section, which includes a lot of Alfred Hitcocks older movies and a couple of classics.

I also had my fourth shoot with the lovely, Janki Kaswala. She is the most amazing and talented girl I’ve met, with a natural gift for modeling, even if she does need time to warm up and a lot of direction [Which I don’t mind giving, learning to work behind the camera and all…]. My brother, Adam, also came with us, assisting me with a lot of stuff. He’s very creative, a mime and an actor, and came up with some very interesting poses, even if they didn’t completely work out. I took some behind the scenes shots so that will be put up here soon.


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