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Questions for Back to School: DeviantArt

So, DeviantArt asked today about going back to school and I figured you guys would be interested in my responses! They have an interview included as well here.

Questions for deviants going back to art school:

  1. How well do you feel that the arts institution in which you are currently enrolled is serving your intended purpose?

This will be my first year at SCAD in Savannah, and I previously attended CSM in Maryland in the past year. While CSM was interesting, it was liberal arts program and not very dedicated to its’ art students. They tried, and had great faculty, but overall it was a disappointment. SCAD SAV however, seems to be right up my alley. They were willing to take me aside the three times I went down and review my portfolio and talk to me. The students were friendly and exciting to be around.

  1. What is your advice to other deviants considering enrollment in an arts school? 

LOOK! Don’t be too swept away by all the hype of people saying their school is better. The school that is best is the one that gets you. I went to SCAD three times before making my decision after looking at Pratt School in NY, Arcadia in Pennsylvania, the Antonelli Institue, Hallmark School of Photography, Art Academy of San Francisco, the Art Institutes and Columbia College Chicago (gosh it doesn’t seem like that many). I got told by a lot of other people that one school was better for this reason, or that reason, but it didn’t matter.



  1. How much emphasis is placed on the arts as an essential part of any student’s general education in your school?

I graduated from high school two years ago, and I have to say, the Arts were getting the short end of the stick. We had a core student group of maybe nine or ten, and the classes were filled with people who had simply been put into the class, even the Advanced Placement classes. They didn’t do work and often broke things they were supposed to be touching in the first place. We were always short on funding, had a lack of supplies and an overall lack of leadership from the department chair. However, the faculty was wonderful and I really bonded with them.

  1. In your art classes, do you feel you are acquiring the skills and information that could lead to a real career in the arts?

It really depended on the teacher. Two of the four teachers I felt like I was getting real world application, and the rest, not so much.

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One Connected World

I follow four of the worlds greatest up and coming photographers (at least for me) and recently I’ve had the pleasure of discovering that each one has been interconnected to the other (even though they span many countries).

Such an exciting feeling to discover those little connections!

Below is my proof:

Lara Jade as photographed by Joey L.when she stayed at his home in Brooklyn, N.Y

Lara Jade as photographed by Zhang Jingna when they met in London last October.

” I am especially excited to meet  Joey L.”

– Melissa Rodwell commenting on her trip to Dubai this Feb./March

It is so fun to know that each of these amazing photographers know each other and it inspires me. I know I will be among them one day.

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Found this awesome video whilst browsing my favorite magazine’s website.

Not only is this fantastic for people who don’t like to go out into the cold but also for people who get bored. Like me!

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Felt the need to blog about this!

From the store chains of Urban Outfitters, Free People, and Anthropologie comes Terrain. Terrain is the store for all of us who want to bring a little outdoors indoors.

The stuff is pricey but coming from her sister stores the quality is par-non, the products are interesting and inviting, and most of all look amazing!

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Na’vi Transformation

Na'vi Finished

My new Na’vi Transformation. I learned a lot doing this transformation–it was so awesome!

Did You Know:

Na’vi have only four fingers and toes, whereas the Avatars have five?

Only the Avatar’s have eyebrows.

Na’vi have no stripes near their noses.

Their ‘glow-in-the-dark-freckles’ still glow in daylight, but are dimmed?


Another transformation to come….probably.

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Tail deep into AVATAR

So, I’ve seen AVATAR erm….three going on four times now and I must say, I LOVE IT! The world of Pandora is going to be the next LotR for me. I’ve already started linking into (haha, just realized my own pun) several Na’vi language sites, joined Twitter simply to follow AVATAR’s tweets, and I’m now following the AVATAR blog.


In my searching and web browsing of AVATAR I’d thought I’d pass along somethings.

First, FOX posted the original AVATAR script (With the deleted scenes that rumors say will be on the mid-2010 DVD release) here.

Second, check out the most awesome Avatar creation here on Vimeo.

Third, I’m starting my own Avatar transformation. I’ll post it here when I’m done with it.

Everyone needs to check out AVATAR now!

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Prints Available

Finally! Prints are now available through my Etsy Store.

The following prints are available:


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Life Sucks…

….In more ways then one.

What gives people the right to think that its okay to take and manipulate your images in any way they want, without permission ?

Especially if they are people with whom you’ve worked.

What gives people the idea that if they don’t like the way an image is, then they can consult me on it?

Basically: If you hire me, and don’t like my style. Tell me, get over it, don’t manipulate my images and then act like you didn’t do anything.


New Years At The Kennedy Center

Dad treated us to the New Years Ball at the Kennedy Center. =] It was absolutely amazing! My boyfriend, Patrick, and I spent ten minutes beforehand looking up on Youtube how to waltz.
Hehe. Thank God for Youtube!

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The Memories of 2009

Just a little scrapbook of 2009 and all the things that made it awesome!

1. Took a Fashion Design course at the Academy of Art to understand more about the business I’m in.

2.  American Idol Concert 2009 .

3. Botantical Gardens

Camera's Make It Good4. And Camera’s Make it Good.

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