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Backlog : Alexandria

It seems everyone is posting backlog, sooooo I’d figure I’d throw in mine! MWHAHAHAHHAHAHA!

Photos from a street festival in Alexandria, VA.

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So, some exciting things today!

One, my business cards finally arrived in the mail! They aren’t as dark as I would’ve hoped, and paying 46.00 $ for them is way too expensive for that kind of quality again. Note to self: stay away from Vista Print. Next time, I’ll order from or . At least at those sites you earn more for your buck….

Next, is that I was reviewed by the amazing wedding photographer, Jennifer Skog [Skog as in Vogue], from the Hideout Forum. I requested the review, but I’m still so excited with the fact that I got such a detailed response! She went through a few of my photos from Flickr and made comments–compositional, PP, ect–that I’m looking back into to see what I missed while in PP. She was very helpful, friendly, and encouraging!

Yay! Lots of pep talks today, it seems. First for my senior classes, then from Jennifer! She also said this:

” I dig your logo and look with your self portrait and love Speak Spoken Heard.”

Whoot Whoot!

Burlesque Photoshoot

My shoot with Josie on Friday went better then anticipated. We all got a rather late start to the day, I woke up a half-hour late and still had to make lunches for everyone! Adam and I were panicking, running around and packing my equipment into the car but luckly, when we got to Josie’s we found out she was running late too! [Phew]

Adam helped her get her suitcase [Full of clothes…hehe] into the car and then we all piled in to head to the LIRR trains. Fun stuff. We ended up circling the place a couple of times because there were cars behind us. After we found a spot to park, we lugged the suitcases to the trains, trying not to look conspicuous [It didn’t really work….]

I was so nervous trying to make sure we weren’t caught on the trains that we got a really slow start. Like….three hours. I forgot my camera battery–both of them–and my mum had to go and come from home to drop them off. >must’ve changed her into three or four outfits and had lots of [freezing] fun. We all had lunch and then did another outfit and then packed up. Hehe, there was lots of sneaking around and suspicious looks…it never ceases to amaze me on how little a human can notice when they’re occupied with something……

behind-the-scenes photos soon!