Tail deep into AVATAR

So, I’ve seen AVATAR erm….three going on four times now and I must say, I LOVE IT! The world of Pandora is going to be the next LotR for me. I’ve already started linking into (haha, just realized my own pun) several Na’vi language sites, joined Twitter simply to follow AVATAR’s tweets, and I’m now following the AVATAR blog.


In my searching and web browsing of AVATAR I’d thought I’d pass along somethings.

First, FOX posted the original AVATAR script (With the deleted scenes that rumors say will be on the mid-2010 DVD release) here.

Second, check out the most awesome Avatar creation here on Vimeo.

Third, I’m starting my own Avatar transformation. I’ll post it here when I’m done with it.

Everyone needs to check out AVATAR now!

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5 thoughts on “Tail deep into AVATAR

  1. Lisa Theodore says:

    Like you I love Avatar. I”m glad to see the environmental and social justice issues represented in the film. Very timely.

  2. Throughout the movie, I was momentarily messed up by most of the same things that have been mentioned here, overall, I forgot them as my expectations progressed. Even the over zealous expression of “corporate greed” or the “over-zealous military commander” were accepted as being a important part of the story.But there one little issue that (oddly enough, I guess) irked me. I had no way to go back and watch it after, but I’m pretty sure that when the Colonel was killed, he took his hands off the robot controls, trying to remove the arrow/bolt. Yet, with the Colonel’s death, the robot TOPPLED OVER! I would have expected such a machine just to simply stop moving and stand there.

  3. Thank you for the information provided. The best content I’ve seen in this niche.

  4. great post man i’ll be sure to check back. btw i found a sweet place you can watch it online!

  5. […] people do appreciate and well, love Avatar, so to give a broader review for you… heres a post of interest. I found that a lot af colour was used to disguise many bodge jobs, but i mostly realised that the […]

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