Double double Toil and Trouble

Well, crap happens and some grace abounds I guess.

A lot has happened! ha!

One, I’m with an amazing guy named Patrick, who has been working on our set crew this year at Drama. He and his friend Zach and then I are going to go sledding tomorrow since we got off school because of the snow [Amazing!]. He came over Friday evening and we watched Ironman, then came over today to church and we got to hang out! [Yay]

So now for the bad stuff. I had my college abstract photography assignment due tonight, and I had a great idea: I was photographing abstract shoes! I had the pictures all ready, and I loaded my memory card into my reader. I spent TWO HOURS trying to get the reader to import my pictures. Two hours later, I plug my card into my camera and get the error screen that tells me my memory card has been CORRUPTED! I lost all of the images from the shoot.

I had to message my professor and tell her that I was unable to process the images for the class. I also spent about 200$ on two new memory cards and a new reader [All name brand, so if it breaks, I have no idea what I’m going to do!].



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