Burlesque Photoshoot

My shoot with Josie on Friday went better then anticipated. We all got a rather late start to the day, I woke up a half-hour late and still had to make lunches for everyone! Adam and I were panicking, running around and packing my equipment into the car but luckly, when we got to Josie’s we found out she was running late too! [Phew]

Adam helped her get her suitcase [Full of clothes…hehe] into the car and then we all piled in to head to the LIRR trains. Fun stuff. We ended up circling the place a couple of times because there were cars behind us. After we found a spot to park, we lugged the suitcases to the trains, trying not to look conspicuous [It didn’t really work….]

I was so nervous trying to make sure we weren’t caught on the trains that we got a really slow start. Like….three hours. I forgot my camera battery–both of them–and my mum had to go and come from home to drop them off. >must’ve changed her into three or four outfits and had lots of [freezing] fun. We all had lunch and then did another outfit and then packed up. Hehe, there was lots of sneaking around and suspicious looks…it never ceases to amaze me on how little a human can notice when they’re occupied with something……

behind-the-scenes photos soon!


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